Corporate & Business

Protection of Assets and Brand Reputation

When you need to know the facts, so you can make a wise decision, we provide them for you. We review records and conduct interviews to establish timelines and verify the source or validity of any loss. If this requires reviewing any medical records, we obtain the appropriate HIPPA releases to allow the investigation to proceed. If necessary, we bring in a forensic accountant or other experts to assist in the investigation, as well as to conduct any surveillance or undercover investigative work needed. The final benefit is inventory loss explained, employee theft controlled and prosecuted, and fraud circumvented.

Interviews: We speak with employees, patients, clients, and service providers to establish all services rendered, time spent on services, merchandise/items sold/transferred, fees charged. Obtain HIPPA releases where required. Conduct follow-up interviews as needed. We get each witness to commit to a statement, and then compare statements with relevant facts discovered throughout the investigation. We act as an independent, unbiased third party, allowing information to be obtained without causing additional unnecessary stress to your relationships with your partners, employees, clients, or vendors.

Records Review: We review available records and match them with prices charged versus items sold/services rendered. Cross-reference those records with information obtained in initial interviews and determine whether a forensic accountant or other niche expert is needed to assist. We provide you with an accurate representation of what the records reflect.

Undercover: We go undercover as clients, customers, or employees to obtain covert video and first-hand knowledge of any on-site theft or client poaching. This service provides video evidence of what is really occurring, which allows you to know what to do next.

Surveillance: We place locations and individuals under surveillance, as needed, to obtain evidence of any wrongdoing. Whether passive or active, covert, or overt, surveillance provides you date and time-stamped video evidence of specific acts that have occurred or reassurance such acts have not occurred. We help you know for sure if your suspicions are correct.