Achieve More Acquittals and Better Pleas for Your Clients
Limit Your Loss of Liquidity Due to Fraudulent Claims
Protect Your Assets and Brand Reputation
We Get the Job Done!
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We provide you the facts so you can make a wise decision and prevail.

Preferred Intelligence is a premier investigative agency. Our number one priority is to find the truth for you. We do this for every case we work. You can rest assured that your investigation will be handled with the highest level of discretion, professionalism, and ethics.

We utilize our superior investigative knowledge, experience, and methodology to provide you all information available so you have what you need to best work your case.

You benefit from our expertise, concise, professionally written reports, and experienced testimony, ensuring legally and ethically discovered factual evidence structured in a judicially admissible manner. 

We are here to serve you!