Limit Loss of Liquidity Due to Fraudulent Claims

The FBI estimates insurance fraud, excluding health, to be a $40 billion annual cost to insurance companies. You need the right solutions the first time. We provide you the evidence you need to justify denial of fraudulent claims to save you and your customer’s money and time. Whether the fraud is as simple as a false injury claim or a technical as a premium diversion, we have the solution you need.

Interviews/Recorded Statements: We speak with claimant and witnesses alike, get them to commit to a statement, and then compare statements with relevant facts discovered throughout the investigation. We act as an independent, unbiased third party, obtaining the facts surrounding a claim to allow for better decisions to be made with regard to settlements.

Background Checks: We determine whether there is anything in any claimant/witness’ past, which might bring their character into question. We discover whether any party was ever involved in any accident-related lawsuits, as well as whether any witnesses, claimants, or the insured know one another and could be coordinating a fraudulent claim.

Records Requests: We obtain copies of any court records related to accident liability lawsuits to determine whether any significant sums of money have ever been paid out to a claimant, as well as whether injury claims could be attributed to a previous claim. Additionally, we obtain driver records from state DPS/DMV offices in cases involving motor vehicles to determine whether a claimant’s driving habits may have contributed to the loss in question.

Medical Canvass: We conduct covert research to determine where a claimant has received treatment in the recent past, as well as where a claimant has filled prescriptions, so that records may be appropriately subpoenaed for review.

Surveillance: We place locations and individuals under surveillance, as needed, to determine whether a claimant is performing acts that may contradict a claim or otherwise committing fraud. We provide date and time-stamped video evidence of any acts observed within the guidelines of industry standards and relevant state laws.

Social Media Searches: We discretely review all potential social media accounts to obtain any available advanced information regarding a claimant’s activities and locations, which may assist in the investigation.