Criminal Defense

Achieve More Acquittals and Better Pleas

We help you have all the evidence so you can prevail. We verify the alleged facts of the case by reviewing records and the alleged evidence and scene. We interview witnesses, conduct background checks, and, where necessary, conduct surveillance to verify whether your client is guilty or has been falsely accused. Where innocence cannot be proven, we work to obtain mitigation of the facts at hand.

Pre-Investigation Consultation: We conduct a cursory review of the charges in question and basic alleged facts to establish a proposed step-by-step investigative work plan and estimated costs for the client’s presentation. When necessary, we provide you with an affidavit of the proposed investigative plan. This affidavit protects you should your client decline an investigation, then claims ineffective assistance.

Discovery Review: We review all discovery provided by the DA’s office to establish a timeline of alleged events, supposed evidence gathered, an initial list of all parties involved, and to what extent they are involved. We identify discrepancies in stories, methods of investigation, and evidence gathering and review all interview videos. We save you time and identify problems with witness statements or evidence availability.

Client Interview: We speak with the accused to establish their version of events and, if possible, obtain a list of individuals who can be interviewed to corroborate the version of events. Utilizing our services allows your client to gain confidence in your representation and provides you objective feedback, from a trained interviewer, regarding your client’s story.

Witness Interviews: We speak with all potential witnesses, both those known by law enforcement and those found through our defense investigation. We help you establish the facts and obtain an impression of a witness’s credibility.

Background Checks: We determine whether there is anything in a witness’ past which can be used to impeach their character on the stand. We also do the same for the accused to ensure no surprise enhancements are thrown in the defense’s direction at the 11th hour. We reduce if not eliminate, surprises regarding the witness’ and your client’s pasts, aiding in efforts to disqualify witnesses and fight punishment enhancements.

Crime Scene Examinations: We review the scene of the alleged crime to determine if evidence was missed by law enforcement, as well as the plausibility of the DA’s version of events. We locate missed evidence and point out any discrepancies between the officers’ statements and the actual layout or topography of the alleged scene, which provides what you need to best build your case without leaving your office.

Surveillance: On occasion, specific individuals need to be surveilled to determine whether their actions support any theories regarding them. This allows us to verify suspicions regarding witness/complainant activities. We conduct this surveillance, so you have all the facts.

Records Requests and Research: We submit open records requests and review readily available records, as needed, to ensure all discovery was provided, witnesses identified, and records found in background checks are accurate. We obtain missing information, as well as court-admissible documentation of witness’ backgrounds. Many times this can provide you with additional character witnesses for the impeachment of prosecution witnesses.